What is backtrack?

Backtrack is a powerful distro under linux development.

Backtrack 5 is now based on ubuntu 10.04 LTS and 10.10 thats reason backtrack 5 is stable.
Backtrack released with many penetration tools such as Metasploit, SET,  and manymore.
Now Backtrack 5 have a revolutions with Backtrack 5 R1.
With many fixes then Backtrack 5.
And some updated tools to penetration.
And R1 is based on new kernel.


More stable to use backtrack for your operating system.

Now backtrack have many community on many country. If you want to learning baacktrack.
You can visit my link : http://www.indonesianbacktrack.or.id/

May you can sharing your knowledge about backtrack at there.
Thankyou for reading my post today.


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