#59 Run Chromium as root

Run Chromium as root

To simply install google chrome on Backtrack 5,

type: apt-get install chromium-browser

However, developers of google chrome have not allowed root privileges. If you try to run it on backtrack, you will get an error,

Chromium can not be run as root

Please start Chromium as a normal user. If you have previously run Chromium as root, you will need to change the ownership of your profile directory.

To fix this, better say, to run chrome with root privileges, we need to hex edit the binary file, chromium-browser

cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser
hexedit chromium-browser

You are presented with the above screen. Quite complicated, isintit? It allowsyou to edit data in both hexadecimal mode and in ascii mode. Its a very good  and useful tool.
Now we switch to ascii by pressing [TAB]


Notice that cursor shifted to the right pane from the middle pane. Now you can edit in ascii. To undo any change you might accidentally make, press backspace.

ctrl+s to search for  geteuid

Now, modify the geteuid to getppid

Now, ctrl+X to exit saving changes.
And, google chrome now runs with root privileges.

To run vlc, follow similar operation on /usr/bin/vlc


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